5 Reasons To Start Using A Golf Rangefinder Now

The mistake some people make is that they see a rangefinder as solely a device for getting a yardage to a flag. But that feature is just a small thing among a bunch of what a rangefinder can bring to you.


Distance Control

The best players always know to within inches how far they hit with every club in their bag, since control is the most important thing that set a good iron player apart. And there’s only one way to develop that skill, practice. Learning your yardages will get easier exponentially with the assistance of a rangefinder since providing that equation is what the device is designed for.

Course Management

As mentioned, exact yardages to the pin are not the only thing a rangefinder can do for you when used properly. Using it as a course management tool is even more crucial because you will face endless different scenarios on the course. Therefore, if you have a rangefinder in the bag, you can use it multiple times on different holes as your caddy throughout a round. And the information you gain will give you greater control of your game, a key to shooting lower scores.


When do we get the best results? It’s when we’re confident, and playing golf is no exception. Being confident requires not only a person’s confidence in their swing, but also confidence over every shot he hits. What does that mean? As discussed earlier, that include how far you hit each of your clubs and you have an exact yardage to a pin on an approach shot. When you have doubts or fear about the shot, failure will come around far more often than success. Getting yourself the best golf rangefinder that tells you the exact yardage and has record on what club hits the distance, therefore, is one of the easiest ways to eliminate that doubt.

Understanding Angles

Measuring distance by the so-called “eye-crometer” can be done fairly efficiently from the middle of the fairway. Yet when you get off the beaten path, which happens to all of us, you won’t believe how much your yardages change because of the angles that now come into play. Your rangefinder can be valuable on every full shot but never will it be more precious than when you’re wide right or wide left off the tee.

Pace of play

For many, slow play is the biggest downside when it comes to golf, and it’s without doubt one of the reasons why the game’s growth has been somewhat stunted in the past few years. Now, I am of course not saying that a lack of rangefinders on the course is the sole or even main cause of slow play. It’s indeed not! But using a rangefinder not only makes reading a yardage and giving a shot easier, it also ensures that that process goes a little faster. And when it comes to slow play, any progress than can be made is crucial and good for the overall health of the play.

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