6 Tips To Help Automobile Save Cost

Driving fuel economy not only gives you the benefit of the economy but also protect your car. Here are 6 tips to help improve the driver control the car to reach the best fuel economy.


1. Tires should always stretch slightly

Keep the tires in a state of sufficient steam is one of the best ways to save fuel, and that is how to ensure life safety for car users. Pump the tires reached the maximum threshold as suggested by the manufacturer. The drive should be checked at least once a month.

If there is a little vulnerable right pump must not hesitate. Before the car rolling on the road, need to use pressure gauge Digital to check the tension. Tires will just help enough steam to run smoothly again just car optimum operation.

2. Drive at a moderate speed

Driving should be taken to avoid high-speed driving on rough roads, bumpy. On the highway, fuel consumption when the vehicle travels at speeds below 100 km / h and 100km / h is very different, can vary by 10% or more depending on the type of vehicle.

Instead of constantly froze and sudden acceleration, especially in the segment of traffic lights, the driver should estimate the distance to the red light and traffic participants to car traffic in front of them to keep the speed. However, not every low velocity can save gas. According to experts, the car speed below 50 km / h as fuel costs by 10%.

3. Limit use of air conditioning

If the weather is pleasant, the user should turn off the air conditioner. This will help save energy for the vehicle. Air conditioners can consume 10% of the fuel.

4. Turn off the engine when not in use

When the car stopped or suspended operations, turn off the engine in order to reduce fuel consumption in vain. Avoid warming the engine for too long (e.g to 30-45 seconds) and avoid having to run the engine idle.

5. Use cruise control mode

This is a speed control system automatically has appeared on many modern cars today. For example, when installed at a speed of 112km / h on the highway, the computer will calculate and adjust the throttle to maintain that speed, which saves fuel for vehicles. For more efficient Adaptive Cruise system, you can use radar to keep distance with the car behind and front.

A small talk about radar, for those drivers who love to play cat and mouse with the policemen but don’t want to lose any penny on speed ticket, the advice here is to have a radar detector. Among thousands of ones on the market, one of the best radar detectors is 360 Escort Max, you can consult on the internet the 360 Escort Max review to get more information.

6. Clean the air filter regularly

Status air filter blockage will cause expensive vehicle fuel. According to calculations by experts, the filter is clogged as fuel costs 10%. Air filters are easy to disassemble. Be hygienic and basking in the sun, if you do not see light through it, it means that the need to replace a new filter. If the filter is blocked repeatedly new filter should be replaced to ensure the process is smooth air filter and fuel economy.

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