Why Is Your Beer Not Cold? How To Change A Kegerator’s Door Gasket?

Your kegerator suddenly looses its temperature? Your beer tastes sour and spoils quickly? Your electricity bill rises for no reason?

These are the signs that your kegerator is not cold enough to keep your beer keg. Assume that all the machines are working just fine; another reason for this could be the seal on the kegerator door is broken. How to detect the problem and what’s to be done about that?

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Identify the problem

Even best kegerators loose almost of the cold air every time you open the door so you need to limit that if you don’t want to waste money on your electricity bill. Besides from all the signs mentioned above, you can examine your kegerator.

Close the door and use your hand or a small piece of paper. Put it close to the door where it connects with the kegerator and slide your hand along the door. The part that connects the door with the kegerator is the door seal. If there is any hole on it, you should feel cold air blowing in your fingers or the piece of paper.

The bad news is that if some part of it is broken, you would need to replace the whole thing. Not only a broken seal makes your kegerator works harder, it encourages the development of microorganism which makes your drink spoil faster.

Replacing the door seal (gasket)

  1. Buy a good seal (gasket) from the store. You don’t want any leakage to happen. Although it’s just a small part, it can heavily affect the quality of your drinks and causes other problems as well. Remember the standard size of the door so that you buy a seal that fits. You should buy a seal from the same manufacturer or else you would have to customize it on your own.
  2. Put a piece of wet cloth of rags under your kegerator. It will absorb any water spilling on the floor.
  3. Unplug your kegerator and wait for it to defrost if there is frost blocking the door.
  4. Put the seal in warm water. This will make it more durable and harder to be shaped. You need it like this to cover all the space.
  5. Use a screw driver to loosen all the screws and remove the old gasket from the door. You should be gentle so as not to damage your kegerator. Remember to turn it clock-wise.
  1. Slide the lip of the new gasket so that it lies behind the metal retainer. Start from t the top and work all the way down. You are basically put it where you took the old gasket away from.
  2. Use your screw driver and screw the metal retainer back.
  3. It is advised that you apply baby power where the metal retainer connects with the gasket to prevent it from sticking too much into the retainer.
  1. Test the door seal by closing it and opening it. You can apply petroleum jelly around the gasket to seal the door even tighter. You can apply this step to the old gasket if it’s still in good condition.

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