Best Golf Rangefinder 2016 Part 3

We only have a few items left on the list to go through. As mentioned earlier in the first part of this series, the following items are actually purchased and tested in real life conditions, and the best golf rangefinder is the one that works right for you, so make sure you spend some more time and look through each of these remaining items thoroughly, and figure out what fits your purposes the best.

6. Callaway 300


This rangefinder is one-of-a-kind in the fact that it displays distances by yard or meter, which is a change from the norm. Generally speaking, it is also weatherproof and shows great performance in different types of lighting and weather, including foggy weather. Another thing that differentiates this item from other similar golf rangefinders is that it allows you to see more than one target at the same time by use of the scan feature. The machine gives accurate readings from within 1 yard of your target up to 1000 yards far. The surface is soft, which will bring a comfortable sense while holding it in your hand and it is lightweight. The carrying case coming with it is durable, and features a hook, so it can be attached to your golf bag.

7. TecTecTec VPRO500S Slope

This item is not only of great help when you are playing golf, it can also be used as a replacement for binoculars if you need to locate something. This is very useful if you are hunting, for instance. It is also capable of giving you calculation of slope or just telling you plain length distances — you can make up your mind on how you want to use it, without having to worry about breaking any rules of the game. More than that, it has a sleek all black design that brings a modern and fashionable feeling and it is waterproof. The integrated laser can see up to 540 years far and still gives you a reading you can be confident about, which is within 1 yard of your target. The item always gives you clear pictures and lengths that is easy to read, even in different lighting and weather conditions.

8. Nikon 8397 ACULON


Nikon is already a renowned name in cameras manufacturing industry, so it is no surprise that this rangefinder provides crisp pictures and can magnify visuals clearly up to 6 times. It also gives lengths nearly instantaneously, so you don’t have to wait long for the information you need. Moreover, it turns into sleep mode after 8 seconds of not being used, which lengthens the lifespan of the battery. Another great feature of this rangefinder is that it will tell you the distance of the farthest object if it spots more than one, which means that it works well even if there are trees or other obstacles in the direction that you are pointing it.

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