Brilliant Ways To Avoid Checked Baggage Fees

It seems that beyond the flight ticket, your baggage has more and more become the financial target of all airlines these days. But being a passgenger, you do not want to be charged by your essential items any more. Luckily, there are still brilliant ways outside to reduce your checked baggage fees.


1. Understand your airline’s rules and conditions

Your baggage fees can be changed depends on the airlines you fly with and where you are traveling to. It is not enough when checking your ticket’s information and hearing rumors around. Do your own research to make sure everything about baggage regulations. Moreover, some airlines have make their policy changed very regularly, therefore, it is always neccessary to raise questions about your baggage. Do not let your money go due to your lack of information.

2. Know your baggage limitations

The limitations of your baggage are not always oversize or overweight. Across most airlines, some following limitations are expected:

  • Most airlines charge for overweight, oversize and additioanl baggage. This has been the standard for years, but the change is the cost for exceeding the limit now is much higher than in the past.
  • Secondly, if your baggage is both overweight and oversize, you will be charged double times. That’s the popular regulations in some airlines.
  • For some airlines, if your baggage won’t fit the seat in front of you, it exceeded the limit. Be certain that your carry-on stuff is both well-fit and well-weight.
  • Especially, some airlines will alow you to move your baggge for free if you can carry them on the plane.

3. Pack light, pack smart

Packing things is never easy. However hard it is, you should try to make your suicases as small and light as possible. The first thing you need to do is let the unnecessary things go, especially when your friends and families can loan you their items, such as gadgets or clothes. Leave at home unexpensive things that you can buy or rent as the destination.

Secondly, remember that your travel is not a fashion show. Bring along simple and helpful things, pack them light and smart.

Thirdly, think about the things you can reduce the size. Take and eReader instead of five or six books, take a smartphone instead of an table, and a smartphone can replace a camera also. Interestingly, the more you practice reducing your tool by subsititing, the more addictive you are with this job, And the more money you can save on baggage fee. Awesome!

Source: Fox News

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