Bushnell NEO GHOST WHITE – Top Golf Range Finder

Today we will look at Neo Ghost White – One of the best golf rangefinders at the medium-end range. We will find out reasons why people choose this gadget if their budget is about $100 – $150.

At the first sight, this golf rangefinder has a big advantage with its size.  It has a pocket size. It is very convenient for the golfer.  As usual, when playing golf, no one want to carry a heavy device. That is one of the reasons why Neo Ghost White becomes a hot pick item on the commercial website such as Amazon or Wall Mart. Additionally, Bushnell produces one of their best user-friendly golf rangefinders. If you are an amateur, you will take at least few days to find out the best way to use your golf rangefinder, especially complicated golf rangefinder can take you up to 1 week.  However, with Bushnell Neo Ghost White, you will have a different view on this issue. You only need to spend about few hours to use Bushnell NEO GHOST WHITE. On famous review websites such as Review Updater, experts voted this GPS golf rangefinder as the most easy-to-use golf rangefinders.


Now, Turning to key features, we can easily recognize what makes this gadget become the best golf rangefinder in its price range. Firstly, this device is preloaded with detail golf course. To be exact,  above 35,000 courses will be available in Bushnell Neo Ghost White. Secondly, it can solve the big problem related to old-fashioned golf rangefinders. What I am mentioning here is the battery life. Unlike other golf rangefinders,  golfers don’t have any trouble with battery. It can last up to 3 full round. This is dream number when we compare with first gen golf rangefinder.  The next point I want to say is auto course detection. Professional golfers really appreciate this functions. It doesn’t matter you are a new one or the best in this field, this feature will improve your golf skills.  Auto Hole is the similar function as the auto course detection but it used mainly for detecting the information related to the hole; for example the distance between you and the hole.

As you know, the distance information is the most necessary things for a golfer. Without exact information, you can’t win on a golf course. Knowing the importance of this function, Bushnell develops this features on Neo Ghost White. No more frustrating on distances, you can read the distance between you and the final destination in any direction ( front, center or back). The interface of this feature is very easy to see. Before selling this product, Bushnell test this device on many famous golfers and here is what they say ” I have never experienced an easy-to-use golf rangefinder like Neo Ghost White”. Therefore, if you still wonder that this is a complicated machine, you can change your mind after reading this article.

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