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Kegs are the metal barrels that are placed inside your kegerator. Kegs are used to store fresh drinks (beer wine, sometimes juice). Kegs are often pasteurized in order to extend the age of the drink. Kegs have various sizes. Buying a keg is simple. However, you are required to prepare your ID and something to transport the keg. Most of the time, when returning the keg to the store, you’ll be paid. So in this article, we’ll go through the steps of buying a keg until we return it.


a keg

As mentioned, you would have to prepare your ID in order to buy alcohol or beer so make sure that you are old enough for the drink or you would need to ask someone who is old enough.

There are basically four sizes for kegs: mini keg, slim quarter barrel, quarter barrel, half barrel. They are designed to fit in your kegerator. So, you need to check and make sure which one is compatible for your kegerator. The best kegerator for your kegs should let you to dispense two kegs of that type easily. You can drink from one keg while letting the other to chill down. Once the first keg is empty, you still can have your drinks cold by using the second keg while putting the 3rd keg in.

If you can’t figure out if a keg would fit in your kegerator, you’d better stick to a safer plan: buy many mini kegs instead of one big keg. For the reason above, many small kegs would supply you with cold drinks because you wouldn’t have to wait for the 2nd keg to get cold.

But remember, not to buy too many kegs. You need to predict how much and how fast people are able to drink. Once opened, a chilled keg could be used for not more than three months until the drink loses it freshness.


If you buy in quantity, some sellers would have their delivery service which will make it much simpler for you because you just need to pick up your phone. But if you go by yourself, use a car so that you can store the keg.


Remember to keep your back straight while picking up the keg. If the keg weighs more than half of your weight, I suggest you to roll it to avoid back damage. Keep your back straight while holding your keg and loading it to your car. In the car, you should keep it stand straight so as to avoid rolling and foaming up the drink. Drive back to your place and ask someone to help you to unload your kegs.

An ideal place for storing a keg should be close to your kegerator so that you won’t need to walk a lot when you need to replace your kegs. In other words, you kegerator should be placed close to the garage or on the main floor. No one wants to bring a keg around their house up stair or down stair and later on do the same with the empty kegs

Keep it somewhere out of reach of your children or pet. Your kegs should be stored somewhere cool and it shouldn’t make contact with sunlight. Temperature will encourage the development of germs and viruses.

One of the tips is to use a marker and number your keg so you would know which one to use next. Drinking from kegs that are new will enhance the freshness and flavor of your drink.

After drinking

Leave the empty kegs aside and outdoor. Use a tap to water the keg especially the tap to wash away the smell and drops of your own drink. This can attract insects like ants.

Return your kegs to the store and make sure to get the return money.

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