How To Combat Drowsy Driving For Long Distance

Just because of falling asleep accidentally, there are many tragic accidents happened. To fight drowsiness, especially when driving long distances, the driving needs enough sleep before the rider, not the use of stimulants and should sleep sleepiness slumber when struck.

Some drivers just care about consulting many radar detector reviews to choose the best radar detector to avoid the risk of getting a speed ticket from policeman without paying attention to their own safety while driving. In fact, the driver of drowsiness is extremely dangerous and can lead to catastrophic accidents as described above. So first things to remember is to never trade-offs you are saving time to be able to pay with their lives and many others.

In the case of force majeure, truck drivers can choose one or more of the following notes:


1 – If you anticipate having to drive long hours should be enough sleep before driving. Especially avoid staying up late, drinking or eating it before it is driven by the factors likely to cause drowsiness during driving. Do not use cold medicines, allergy when driving because they often feel sleepy for users.

2 – Don’t drive continuously more than four hours; because the brain was working too hard, the body is no longer able to concentrate. When driving long distances often requires at least two people alter driving. After two hours continuous driving, the driver should stop and get off the bus, as long as physically active 10-15 minutes to regain consciousness and keep on driving.

3 – It should create a schedule clearly driving and rest before going. Prevent driving at the time “peak” of the slumber as noon or midnight. Most of the impact of calculation to prevent drowsiness is encouraging the minimized impact is at this time.


4 – If you are driving a long way to go, but the drowsiness strikes then it is best to choose a safe place to sleep, time can be 15-30 minutes, even 1 hour, depending on conditions daub. A lot of drivers said they felt asleep just 5 minutes has been effective is very clear, you can drive a few hours without sleepy anymore.

5 – While driving, you should drink tea, coffee or chewing gum, candy spicy … yet, with a few people who have sensitive reactions, the measures this is rather effective, however the main of the retaining confirmed that therapy is just good within short distances. Same is the cleansing water, sour fruit calculations, lively rhythm and turn the radio loud, and prevent melodic lyrical music; talk to your partner…

6 – In some cases quite sober driver when washed with cool wash feet as well as towels. From that point, you may make a preparation of an ice box to cool towels as well as water prior to the trip.

7 – Absolutely not drive her to the sleepy consciousness is manifested as driving through the lane, almost crashing into obstacles, feeling hard to concentrate …

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