Common Types Of Kegs For Kegerator Part 2

Continue to the first three kegs mentioned in part 1, these types of keg listed below are widely used among best kegerators. Choosing a suitable one with your kegerator is the main factor that affects the taste of beer you’ve made.

slim quarter keg

Quarter Barrel Keg (29.3 Liters)

The Quarter Barrel also has other nicknames such as “Pony Keg” and “Stubby Quarter.”  The name was rooted from the keg is  a quarter of a barrel and is half the size of a standard beer keg. There are pros and cons when using this type of keg. The smaller size allows it to be moved easily or it is more convenient for portable party. However, you need to do all the same setup as a large keg.  You need to provide a deposit when purchased from a store and will need to get a tap to serve. This keg is a great choice for small parties or watching the game with a group of friends.

Slim Quarter (29.3 Liters)

People also call Slim Quarter as “Slim ¼” and “Tall Quarter.”  Yes, the name says it all. This keg has the exact capacity as the quarter. However, it is quite slim. Since the keg has this kind of shape, it can be used with a dual tap kegerator.  That means not only is it smaller and easier to maneuver but it is also more versatile and can be used with a dual tap application.

Half Barrel (58.7 Liters)

This type of keg is well-known as the “Full Size” keg. Each of beer brewer knows it. When using this keg together with the best kegerator, it is basically a great party waiting to happen. Since it contains large functions, you can see it everywhere, at every party. If you prefer using it at your home bar or when you invite friends to your home for a drink, this can be used with a home kegerator. While a half barrel is a lot of beer (around 124 pints), when used with a kegerator, it can keep the beer fresh for up to a few months. One important thing you should take notice of when using this keg is using it with Co2 dispensing system. This type of keg will only work with a Co2 system, not an air pump, as the air will cause the beer to eventually go flat after one or two days.

To sum up, choosing a suitable keg is the first step becoming an expert on beer draft. If you choose a right keg for your kegerator, your beer will be absolutely tasty.

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