Common Types Of Kegs For Kegerator

Are you a beer-lover? Are you fond of owning best kegerator to brew many kinds of beer at home? The very important step before making a final decision of buying a kegerator is searching for what types of keg are out there. Commonly, there are six different types of kegs that every beer brewer should know.

mini kegerators

Mini Keg

The mini keg which is also called by a lovely nickname-“Bubba,” is a 5 liter keg.  This keg is especially manufactured for retail sales and you can only purchase specific beers. This is a disadvantage of using mini keg because your choice may be limited. There are more and more labels popping up to make mini kegs, some of the  beer companies currently are Heineken, New Castle,  Beck’s, Coors and Miller Light. This is an ideal option for small apartments or limited space. A mini keg is equal to about 10.6 pints. So, it can supply enough beer for a small get-together or a few people.

Cornelius Keg

You can call Cornelius Keg as “Corny Keg,” “Pepsi Keg” and “Home Brew Keg.” This type of keg was originally used in the soft drink industry and dispense homemade sodas. Now, it is popular for home-brewed beer. This keg has two different kinds of connectors which are attached to the ports: the pin-lock and ball-lock. There is a fun fact about these two locks: the pin-lock kegs were used primarily by the Coca-Cola company, while ball-lock kegs were used primarily by Pepsi. Using Cornelius Keg to dispense beer is so much easy. That’s why many home-beer brewers prefer it over bottling for conditioning purposes.  Another common use for this keg is it’s also good for micro-brewing.

Sixth Barrel

The Sixth Barrel is sometimes referred to as “Sixtel,” “Log” and “Torpedo.”  This type of keg is not widely used as it is mostly used for breweries when they want to use a smaller keg than a half barrel.  It is typically the same size as the Cornelius. Sixth Barrel is such a great choice for those who want to supply a large amount of beer but have limited space for kegerator. Common uses for these kegs are for home brews and micro brews, but you can also find it in some of the best kegerator in dual tap type. This keg functions identically to its full size counterpart. A Sixth Barrel keg is equal to about 42 pints of beer and only weighs around 58 pounds when full. Thus, it will be a great alternative to a half barrel keg for a beer-lover’s party.

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