Craft Beer – Basic Knowledge

It is shame that you visit the bar to enjoy beer regularly without having any knowledge about one of the tastiest drink in the world. It is really difficult to have a conversation in a bar or a pub if you don’t know anything about this drink. So, do you want your friend call you as Mr. Beer – The one who master all knowledge about beer. Your friend will look at you with different views and they will see you as their captain whenever you come to a bar with them. Then, you should read this article. We will show you basic things about beer for the new one like you. It just takes about few minutes to read but you will get many benefits such as having a better conversation with your business partner in a bar.  This article will include many popular questions about beer and how to answer it. Let’s check now


First Question

Q: How to maintain craft beer?

A: There are many ways to maintain craft beer. You can put it into a fridge or you can place it in someplace which has the low temperature. Sometimes, the quality of craft beer may be affected if you choose these ways. But I know there is a method which can ensure that craft beer quality will be the same as the time you just make it. That is storing it in a special refrigerator – we call it as the kegerator. By using the best kegerator, you won’t reduce the fresh and the quality of the beer. More than that, you can keep it in an incredible time. Some reports say that it can keep the beer up to few months. It is really an impressive number.

Second Question

Q: Could you tell me the first person make beer?

A: It is really a tough question. In fact, we cannot find out the person who invented beer. We only can show you the country which made beer thousands of years ago. To be exact, that is 4050 years ago. The name of this country was Sumeria. You will feel strange with the name of this country because you cannot find it on the modern map. But I will show you the current name of it right now. Sumeria now is located in modern Iraq. Scientist found many reports proving the existence of beer in this country 4050 years ago.

So These are some basic questions and beer about basic knowledge to answer it. Hope you enjoy this article. For more information, you can visit Review Update to update the latest knowledge about beer




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