Durability – A Thing Consider When Buying Your Golf Rangefinder

Similar to your set of golf clubs, you need to carry your rangefinder all around the fields all the time when you are playing. And do you remember how many things out there that can quickly ruin your machine? Almost everything that you can think about while you are on the field can one way or another damage and reduce the life span of your rangefinder. So in order to prevent yourself from spending extra on repairing your rangefinder, here are the things that you need to consider when buying one:

Anti-shock protector


This is somewhat one of the most important features that you should look for when you buy a rangefinder. Imagine you are keeping it in your pocket bag and carry it around the field all day. When you make a shot, your body moves around and there are a lot of sudden movements. So, it is very likely that your rangefinder will suffer from some kind of shock (may be from falling or something can accidentally hit it). The prevention is always better than the cure so buy one with a thick and hard cover and make sure that it is resilient to the drops. If you break your rangefinder, chances are that you have to spend a lot of money fixing it or worse, you may even have to invest in a new one. Therefore, be willing to spend decent on the first one so that you won’t have to waste money in the future.

Battery life

Durability does include a good lasting battery. You must have known how annoying it is if your phone or laptop battery runs out when you are outside. For that reason, choose a rangefinder which battery should last for a day if continuously used. There will come times when you forget to charge the battery and play with the hope that it would last the whole session. Moreover, if you have space, you can bring an extra battery or your portable charger and connect it to the golf cart (if there is an outlet for you).

Water resistant

Playing golf under the rain is an interesting experience that you should feel once in a while. And in order to be able to play under a rain, your golf rangefinder needs to be water resistant. Even the best golf rangefinder can’t stand against nature if it is not designed to do so. Although you would have to pay more, it is really worth it to buy a model that has water resistant lenses (so that it would still be able to measure the distance under a rain and you would still be able to see far when you look through the lenses). In addition, a waterproof rangefinder should still be able to function well after it has been submerged into water. Accidents like that do happen all the time and you would never want to say good bye to your little friend like that.

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