A Free Trans-Vietnam Journey Of A 31-year-old Woman

A 31-year-old woman in Ha Noi, Nguyen Dieu Quynh, has completed her cycling tour from Ha Noi to Ca Mau with her friends. There are two things make her trip special: the travelers did not bring money with them, and Nguyen Dieu Quynh has dealed with an illness for a long time.


Treatment by bicycling

Being a gramophone shop’s owner in the capital of Vietnam, Nguyen Dieu Quynh used to want to stop her life at the age of 26 due to her illness. She lost her will on treatment and she thought that her life is hopeless.

One day, she suddenly realized that many things of her life needed to be done, many things were incomplete. So she started thinking about treatment again. Then she chose cycling, because it helps her with her feet.

From treatment to the favorite sport

Amazingly, cycling has become Quynh’s hobby. And magically, it did help her to recover quickly. She received a very valuable lesson from this: Due to fear, most people do not make use of their all abilities. She did believe that she can do more things than what she can imagined.

The magical journey along Vietnam

To challeng her ability, Nguyen Dieu Quynh decided to take a trans-Vietnam journey. And she and her friends made the plan more “crazy” by using no money for it. On 23th August, their tour started in Ha Noi.

The journey without money is a big chance for Nguyen Dieu Quynh and her friend to learn the lesson of the Vietnamese’s kindness. They got food and drink from the locals. When they arrived to Vinh (Nghe An), they were exhausted: thirsty, hungry, tired. Then a family here offered them a great meal. At that time, the team realized that the Vietnamese are very great people.

The one and only chance to admire the beauty of the country

The team had an unforgettable experience. Quynh and her mates saw more, admired more, learned more and understood more about the beauty of Vietnam and the characteristics of landscape and people in different parts of the country. Quynh said that she would never knew how amazing Hai Van Pass is and how peaceful the rice paddy field in Quang Nam is if she did not take this trip. Traveling, especially traveling on a bicycle, is the most awesome experience in life that anyone should try – she added.

At the end of the journey, amazingly, the money they received was more than enough (about 10 million VND). Therefore, the cycling team decided to donate the remainer to a Nursing Home in Ho Chi Minh City.

Now Quynh is very happy. Not only traveling recovers herself but also help her to help others. Life is still full of magical things.

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