Get To Know The Most Chosen Edgestar Kegerators Part 2

EdgeStar is the most well-known brand in kegerator manufacturing’s industry. It has produced lots of famous models which are widely used all over the world. The KC7000SS is one of the best kegerator from Edgestar yet. If you are still wondering which EdgeStar kegerator will be selected in the top list, the answer is absolutely KC7000SS.



EdgeStar produced a model which has a gorgeous and stainless steel design. The full stainless appearance of the KC7000 makes it instantly stand out as a quality machine. This also contributes to its natural durability that you cannot find from other lowed price units. There is also a kegerator LED lightning equipped inside giving it a unique appearance. Even the door is reversible to help with left-handed owners.


Capacity is a big selling point of the KC7000SS. It can fit 3 corny kegs or 3 sixth barrel kegs. All full-sized kegs, including over-sized kegs can totally fit in this model kegerator. This is truly the best kegerator for all keg sizes. The capacity is so large that the C02 tank is designed to be stored inside the main fridge. Storing the C02 tanks inside the unit allows for better pours and smoother all around operation.


Many experts and websites specilized in kegeratos will review assembly of this kegerator may take you 1 hour. In fact, if you are really fond of kegerator, it won’t take you much time as expected. The manual to assemble the KC7000SS is well written by native English speakers. If you aren’t used to such tasks, go ahead and set aside a 3 hour block. If you have trouble understanding the manual, look at Youtube videos or instructions on some websites for assembly of other kegerators. The process is similar for most models.


The model  KC7000SS includes the best warranty service among the Edgestar models. A full 1 year warranty with in-home service is provided. This makes the product become more reliable. It is highly unlikely that the warranty is going to come into play. Build quality is commercial grade.


The price of the KC7000SS is steep for most people. The base model starts at $1449 shipped. This is almost 3x the cost of a KC2000. It is a heck of a nice kegerator, but we believe $1100 or even $1200 is a more reasonable price point.

The KC7000SS is a heck of a nice kegerator. The components are more durable than those found in any other Edgestar models. Buying one for your self-made beer at home is an ideal choice that you will not ever regret.

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