Get To Know The Most Chosen Edgestar Kegerators

Any kegerator is better than no kegerator, right? Absolutely. As long as cold beer comes out of it, you really don’t need anything else. So, all you need to make your dream come true is a perfect brand delivering you the best kegerator in the world. That’s how EdgeStar manufactures series of kegerators which are on the top list of draft beer lovers. The KC2000 is the best-selling kegerator from Edgestar for many years. This article will give you the reasons why it becomes so popular.



The KC2000 kegerator has an all black plastic appearance common of most base, no other model. Four casters can be added to the bottom for easy movement around the house. It looks a little less like a mini-fridge. KC2000 is the smallest models among those which are firstly introduced by EdgeStar. The above illustration has a black tower making it very fashionable and modern.


Capacity is the biggest weakness of the KC2000. It will barely hold many full sized kegs, but oversized kegs are out. You are also limited to two corny kegs if you are a homebrewer. An over-sized keg is considered anything over 16 1/8 inches. Miller Coors is the most common oversized keg. You may feel disappointed a little bit when you are unable to supply enough beer for a very big home party.


In contrast with its capacity, price is a competitive advantage making up the biggest selling point of the Edgestar KC2000. It is more common for it to be priced in the $499 to $529 range. These prices include shipping costs. With such large appliances, you always want to make sure you you are given free shipping or any reduce in the tax to do a fair comparison. There are many ways for you to purchase an EdgeStar KC 2000. You can buy the model online from Edgestar directly on You can also buy it from them via Amazon. Or if you want to have it as soon as possible, order a store in your local and they will deliver to your home immediately!

The KC2000 is the best kegerator for beginners who have just started making home brew beer. If you think of it that way going into the purchase, you are likely to be pleased. The important things to note are that it won’t fit over-sized half barrel kegs. As with most kegerator, you will have to manually defrost this unit. Assembly can also be a headache for those who are not mechanically inclined, but if you have some of your friends who are experts in this field or search for online instructions, it’s not much a matter. Overall, most people buying their first kegerator will be quite pleased with this purchase.

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