Golf Rangefinder: Factors That Affect The Measurement Range

You might have known that apart from speeding up your games, your golf range finder saves you a lot of breaths from walking a long distance to examine the field and take measurements on your own. However, there are many things that you still need to take into consideration when you use your golf rangefinder in order for the result to be correct.

The measurement stage is very important. It is somewhat similar to prepare for a battle. The success of a golf shot lies beyond the reading a preparation stage itself. If your rangefinder provides you false information, you might choose the wrong club thus ruining your shot. This is somewhat similar to the butterfly effect. So, let’s find out what are the factors that can affect your measurement range.


The divergence or the laser beam

So when you press the button, your machine sends a laser beam toward the target and it then later measure the time that it takes for the beam to reach the target. This will later be converse to the distance. So basically, your range finder works around the laser beam. You might have studied about the divergence or a light beam in your science class. The further it travels, the more it spreads out. The same thing happens to a laser beam.

Therefore, when you are playing on a very large field, it is advised at you divide your field into smaller parts and play one small part at once. By so, you will have a better control of the ball and your field as well as the distance you have to drive your golf ball.  In addition, you should invest in a decent rangefinder where the laser beam is able to travel very far with high precision. In this case, the best golf rangefinder should be the one with a stable laser beam.

The size of the target

After you have divided the field into smaller parts, you should pick something in those parts to be the “marks” (a tree, a rock, a bench, etc.). Whatever you choose, it shouldn’t be the ground, or a small object like the flagstick. The reason behind this is that if your target is too small, it is difficult to aim at the target and you might aim at something behind or in front of your target without knowing; thus, getting the wrong result. Objects like the flagstick or the branch of a tree are bad choices because they can be moving apart from their original position all the time. Pick a fixed and large target.


Vibrations could come from your hands or it could be due to the weather’s effect. Whatever the cause might be, we need to eliminate all the factors of vibration so that the result can be more precise.

Remember to keep your hand and body still when you are using your rangefinder. You can even sit down or place your hands on some rocks or the club bags to minimize any vibration. You can even buy a stand for your rangefinder and carry it with your golf cart when you are on the field.

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