GPS Golf Rangefinder, A Great Substitute For Your Laser Rangefinder?

Besides from laser rangefinders, golf GPS rangefinders have been preferred by many players (including professional players) while they are on the field.


What is it?

Similar to a laser rangefinder, a GPS golf rangefinder is used to measure the precise distance to a fixed spot on the course such as the flagstick, the green or some markets that a player makes. GPS rangefinder can be a standalone piece of the device or it can be simply a piece of software that is installed on an electronic device (phone, tablet, etc.).

What does it do?

Similar to when you are using your GPS to find the streets, best golf rangefinder works just the same on the golf fields. Basically, what it does is that it gives you a map of the field and the position where you are standing will also be displayed on the screen. With this kind of technology, it is very easy to measure the distance from yourself to the flagstick or any kind of target with just a few tap.

Wherever you move, your position will be located on the screen to make sure that you don’t get lost (which is likely to happen in large holes and the woods).

How does it help you?

It is very convenient to use a GPS rangefinder if you are practicing on your strategy. Instead of limiting your vision with your binoculars or laser rangefinder, a GPS rangefinder provides you with the vision from above so that you can have a clear map of the place and know what is going on around you even when you can’t see it with your eyes. If you have a clear view of the map from above, it is very easy to divide the field into smaller parts and work your way through each small parts before getting on the green. On the other hand, players without a GPS rangefinder are unable to do so since they need to move in a straight line (because that seems to be the shortest path for them). Using a GPS rangefinder would help you to figure out what is the best path for you. For instance, if you are good at playing uphill because you know how to take advantage of the steepness of the hill, you can design your own course and follow your path.


The most annoying thing about GPS rangefinder is that you have to pay monthly for the subscription. It can be frustrating to do so if you only play like once or twice a month and still have to pay to use your GPS rangefinder. You will continue to pay to subscribe for your GPS rangefinder to the point that the amount of money you have paid can exceed the price of a good laser rangefinder.

In addition, this kind of rangefinder is not a good choice for you if you are planning to practice observing and reading the terrain since you would need a binocular or a laser rangefinder to zoom up and see things around you. At the end of the day, the best golf rangefinder for you is still the one that helps you to develop your reading ability.

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