How To Choose A Golf Ball

How long have you played golf? Are you a professional golfer or non-professional golfer? And do you know how is a golf ball made and what is the material? Have you asked each other about the golf ball? Do you know that the ball is not only a simple tool to hit into the holes but also can have the influence on your performance? If you choose the balls carefully, your control over balls will be better. I suppose that not all of golfers have knowledge of this, so I would like to share some basic things about this small and hardball.

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Most of golf balls are designed with some layers with the core inside. With different designs, the function becomes different, too. Therefore, golf players should choose different golf balls when they are going to hit the balls to different positions such as far or close distance or up or downswings. It is noted that if the big core inside is light, the surface and layers are often hard, heavy and made of surlyn. Therefore, these balls are often heavy, then help the shots avoid spinning. In contrary, the core is small and heavy, the surface is often thin and soft, made of urethane. These kinds of balls make balls spin a lot.

In more details, balls can be categorized into three groups basing on layers.  First, two-layer balls are ones in which the core is hard and the surface is harder and made of surlyn. These balls help reduce spinning and then help beginners control the balls more easily. In addition, these balls match clubs with long shafts, which is really suitable for a shot needing far distance. However, the two-layer balls are not proper in the green area when close distance shots are often performed. These balls are relatively cheap and suitable for new golfers or those who have high handicap scores.

Secondly, three-layer balls are ones in which the hardcore is covered by a rubbish layer and then the surface is made of Balatta. In the recent years, the material of Balatta is replaced by surly; therefore, the ability of swing is quite better. The balls are fairly expensive because of high and complicated technology required to manufacture, and they are suitable for those who are at a quite high level.

Thirdly, you can use supported tool to help you find out the suitable golf ball. For example, the best golf rangefinder has a lot of golf balls database and it can give you right choices based on your previous shot or your favorite angle.

Lastly, four or five-layer balls are ones in which there is a liquid layer inserted into the core to increase the ability of swing. The surface has also added a hardcover to help the balls go further when using long – shaft clubs. The price of this kind is by far expensive than two above mentioned golfs, but it can be used by all golfers with all levels.

All in all, I hope above information is useful for you and can you now distinguish each kind of golf balls? It is clear that if we can choose a suitable ball for shots, we can, to some extent, improve our performance.

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