How To Clean Your Keg

Drinking from your kegerator is a wonderful feeling. You can feel the freshness, natural flavor of your drink unlike drinking from a can or a bottle. But you can’t just simply throw your keg away after drinking if you want to keep that keg so that you can return to the store for some money. For that reason, it is important to clean your keg before and after dispensing it in your kegerator.

A keg that is well-cleaned will ensure the quality and flavor of your drinks. Drinking from a keg that has been cleaned by yourself will help your mind to feel safer about the drink. In addition, after the keg is empty, it needs to be cleaned and left aside so that the smell and the drops of your old drink won’t stain your floor or your beloved kegerator. You know how bad it is when ants and insects crawl all over the tap if you forget to clean it.


clean kegerator

So here are the steps on how to clean your keg:

Before using:

Beer kegs (or kegs) are often pasteurize during the manufacture process so they should be clean. But they can get dirty during the transportation process. Most of the time, you would keep them at the back of your car so it is very likely that they will be stained.

You just simply need to use a wet rug or a wet piece of cloth to wipe your keg after you have taken it out of your car and before dispensing it in your kegerator. Pay attention to the valve and the lid. If those parts are dirty, your kegerator and the hoses will be dirty as well. The best kegerator ’s condition for your drink should be free from dust and germ.

After using:

clean kegerator


1.Once your keg is empty, fully turn your kegerator’s tap open so that all the remaining will be poured out.

2. Disconnect your kegerator’s hoses (beer hose and CO2 hose) from the keg. Put those hoses in a bucket so that the drops of the drink won’t   spill over your kegerator.

3. Use a clean piece of microfiber cloth to clean the head of the hoses and wipe the lid of the keg.

4. Carry your kegs outside (to the place where you intend to store them) so that your house wouldn’t get messy.

5. Use a tap of water to water all over the keg while using a brush to scratch the surface so that all the stained drops of drink will be washed away. You don’t want the kegerator to be dirty, greasy or slippery when you load it into your car later on.

6. Use microfiber cloths or a piece of cloths with the assist of some cleaning agent to clean your keg. The cleaning agent would help you to push away the old smell of the previous drink so that ants and insects won’t be attracted by the smell.

7. Leave your keg somewhere sunny after cleaning it. The sunlight will help you to dry the keg faster and kill the germs living on the surface of the keg (which creates the bad smell)

After cleaning your keg, you could just take it to the store and get some return money or you could just use it to make something else. If you have a workshop, you could turn your beer keg into a small drinking table, a chair or reuse it for another drink (which requires cleaning the inside of the keg).

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