Is It Legal To Use A Golf Rangefinder In A Tournament?

Your golf rangefinder is a tool that helps you to measure the correct distance to a target (from far away) so that you would know which is the appropriate club to use next and how much force should you apply to your shot. Golf rangefinder is a great tool for the pros to practice because the difference between a professional player and an amateur is that the pro is able to take the ball to the exact location they want to. No matter what a rangefinder might do, it is still artificial intelligence and can make the game to be unfair if someone can read the field on their own better than the other player. This raises the question of whether or not these rangefinders are allowed to be used in tournaments.

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To answer this question, take “Yes” for an answer. Yes, you are allowed to use a rangefinder in your tournament as long as they only measure the distance (they are USGA legal). This means that your rangefinders should not be able to have other functions other than measuring the distance to be qualified for the tournaments. Most of the models nowadays can do more than just measuring the distance. They include the functions that can measure the slope (how high should you make your shot), direction and speed of the wind, the steepness of the hill). All of these functions other than measuring the distance can provide the player with the overwhelming advantage over their opponents. Also, golf would turn out to be a boring game where the player only needs to use their muscles if all the information about the shot is revealed to them. It is only entertaining when you see the player do the work all by themselves.

In addition to that, best golf rangefinders have a lot of positive impact on the progress of the game without changing the outcome. It can increase the speed of the games. Golf games have been getting surprisingly slower these days to the point that you can literally take a nap while waiting for a player to make a shot. For that reason, the use of this equipment can reduce the time that a player needs in order to prepare for their next shot. Thanks to these rangefinders, golf games have once more got back on track where they are fast and entertaining to watch.

Keep in mind that no matter what you do, just don’t break the rules when you are attending a tournament. Many people have tried to cheat because it is easy to cheat when you hold a machine in your hands. The punishment for cheating is usually you lose that hole or worse, you can be disqualified from the tournament. That can severely damage your reputation. Even the best golf rangefinder can’t help you in such tournaments. For that reason, when you go to the store, ask for a rangefinder that can be used in tournament and get used to training with it.

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