Kegerator’s Common Problems And How To Identify And Fix Them?

Not until your beer tastes bad will you realize that something wrong is happening to your kegerator and begin to find out. Good news for you is that there are not much things that can happen to best kegerators. Troubleshooting it is not hard to do also. You just need to treat it like a refrigerator.

Here are the common problems that can happen:


Losing power

Just like any other electronic appliances, if your kegerator is somehow disconnected from the power source, it stops working. It means that your beer won’t be supplied with cold air and microorganism will start to grow until it spoils.


  • The beer is not cold, spoiled
  • Your kegerator doesn’t generate any sound
  • The power led is off
  • There is water spilling out of the door (from the defrosted ice)

How to fix:

Check the power outlet to see if it has been disconnected as someone might accidentally trip on it and plug it back in. If the cord is still connected, look around the cord and scan for any sign of damage. Try switching it on and check if the emergency breaker is down. If all the parts that can be seen outside are fine but there is still no power, you should call an electrician for help.

The faucet is not working or it is weak

Your kegerator uses pressurized CO2 to keep the drink carbonated and to create pressure to help to deliver the beer to the faucet. If the beer output is weak while the keg is still full, the problem is might be because of the CO2 tank.


  • Weak out-stream of beer
  • The beer is not so fresh
  • The faucet is not working

How to fix:

Check the CO2 gauge to see the pressure level. If it’s too low, turn the gauge on higher. If it’s still low, it’s time to replace the tank. Check all the joints and couplers that connect the tank with the keg and the tank with the gauge. Use a wrench and turn it clock wise to make it tighter.

If there is still no pressure after you have done all of those things, detach the hoses and dip them into a bucket of water to see if there is any leakage. Buy new hoses if the old ones are broken or damaged.

You should use duct tapes to pin down the couplers so that they don’t get damaged. Accidents like this can happen when you change your kegs.

The beer tastes bad and spoils quickly

If all the parts are fine after you have checked them. It can be simply because your kegerator is dirty. If you don’t clean your kegerator after you have finished a keg. The old drink will be stained in the hoses and the faucet. This means that germs will grow when you put in a new keg.

So be aware of that and clean your kegerator often. You can invest in a cleaning kit if you don’t want to disassemble your kegerator every time you clean it. Keep in mind that the best kegerator is a clean kegerator.



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