No More Beer Foam Pouring From Your Kegerator

Is your kegerator dispensing foamy beer? It is often the case that when a new keg is hooked-up, even when you are using the best kegerator, the first few pints are mostly foam. If the foam keeps persisting, you may have a deeper problem. Most cases of foamy beer are the consequences of wrongly adjusted temperature, but sometimes hardware failure or even unclean beer lines can contribute to this problem. However, do not worry too much as there is no problem that cannot be fixed!


If you are having consistent foam over problems, you should understand that firstly, a keg of beer needs long time to settle after transportation. The shaking up a full keg of beer happens to a great degree just from traveling a few blocks by car. Furthermore, if the temperature of the keg has changed during transportation, you may encounter problems ralated to this issue as well.  Once a keg is installed into your kegerator, you should give it at least two and preferably four hours to ‘settle in’ before pouring.  You also remember to pour your beer in a glass at an angle, this will reduce foam from an improper pour.

Another physical issue that you should understand to avoid foamy beer is the CO2 carbonated. Most beer is carbonated, meaning that it is a liquid solution saturated with a large amount of CO2 gas.  When a liquid is saturated with CO2 gas, more gas stays in the mixture at colder temperatures. When the temperature rises above the ideal degree, the CO2 gas starts to escape from the beer, and this is a major cause leading to foam.

You also need to choose the best kegerator which can automatically cool your beer to the proper temperature. You can double-check the cooling at both the top and the bottom of your kegerator by placing a glass of water near each location overnight, and measuring the resultant temperature in the morning with a standard thermometer. If you prepare a draft tower for your draught beer system, you should ensure that cool air is circulating through the draft tower as well as the refrigeration compartment. Dirty beer lines can cause foaming as well, and this makes it very important to clean your beer lines regularly.

So, all’s that you need to take into consideration to make better flavour of DIY beer. There will be no more foam in your beer releasing from your kegerator anymore!

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