Pin Seeking – An Advanced Technology For Your Rangefinder

You know what is annoying when you are playing golf? – Being unable to tell how far it is to the flagstick because you are just simply too far away. And what could be even more annoying than that? – being unable to tell how far it is even when you HAVE a golf rangefinder because your hands are too shaky to use it. Well, you need to worry no more because most of the modern rangefinders nowadays will have its pin seeking technology.


What is pin seeking technology?

Basically what the pin seeking feature does is that when you point your rangefinder at a small mark from far away (for instance the flagstick or a moving tree branch), your target will be pinned after you press the button so that even though your hand is shaky and the crosshair is moved, your target would still be locked.

Why would you need it?

Because it is convenient and it can dramatically improve the quality of your game. Not everyone is a sniper and you can’t expect your arms to remain their stability after they have played for a long time. It’s just impossible to keep your arms still. So you need something artificial to do the job for you and that’s what the pin seeking technology has been designed for. There are a lot of long holes which flagstick is like 200 yards away from you. At that distance, you can’t just lock the target with your bare hand. And if you make the false measurement, you would pick the wrong club for your next shot and apply the inappropriate amount of force to your shot. Thus, you ruin everything. The success of a shot is lies within the preparation stage (that includes reading the terrain). This is similar to the butterfly effect: if you fail at the measuring stage, you fail the whole shot and probably your whole game because one good shot can make a huge difference.

How to buy a rangefinder with this technology?

Don’t you worry about this because most of the rangefinder brands nowadays would include this into their machine? Bushnell, Leupold, Nikon or Tecx3 are some popular rangefinder brands and they are quite competitive in the market. So you can expect that the technology would be adapted quickly and everyone would be using that to their new models. You can simply research on the internet beforehand to see what is the best golf rangefinder for yourself (pay attention to the price, functions and is it allowed to be used in the games you usually play?). You can also ask the seller to sell you with one.


Whatever functions a rangefinder might have, the ultimate purpose of having a rangefinder is still to measure the distance to a target (close to you or far away). Therefore, your rangefinder would be useless if it is unable to do so. If your rangefinder is too old and rusty then maybe it’s time to switch to a new one with good technologies.

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