Secrets On Getting Air Tickets Promotion From Airlines

Air tickets promotion is complicated. Many factors can change the price you pay for airlines for a flight, including the date you fly, your destination, the airline you choose and how does that airline feel. Plus, the fees of checking bags and reservation are always a hidden part for most of unfrequent flyers.

Although being sophisticated is the nature of airline ticket, there are still some logic behind and some secrets that figure out how to getting cheap ones from airlines’ promotion programs.

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The Advanced Strategy

Be a frequent flyer. If your number of flight is enough (in some levels), you can receive a fare reduction from p promotion air ticket rogram. Some airlines offers promotions like a bonus miles for a number of flight you have taken. And once you collect the amount of bonus miles that equal to the distance between your home and your destination, the promotion for you is a free flight. At the very least, these miles have a sale.


Your travel dates can always affect your airfare a lot. The most expensive days that you should not choose if not neccessary are Mondays, Fridays and Sundays. Because the flying date is an option, you can get promotion from airlines as long as you are flexiblw with your traveling plan.

Airlines usually offer discounts for travel on Wednesdays and Sarturdays, therefore, you can save about $100 if you move your date about one to two days earlier or later.

Airlines’ promotion programs are quite rare during holidays such as New Year’s Day, Christmas or Thanksgiving. Those are tough times to find any cheap airfares or flight promotions. If you are the person of traveling on holiday, your only choice is booking flight early and find for a bargains.

The last-minute deals

Last-minute deals bring you the cheapest flight ticket. But how to get those deals is a tough question. Usually, airlines post these “gold” information to their websites and send to email subscripted. Last-minute flights are not a possible choice for the solid people with an unchanged agenda, such as an businessman or a studetn who go to study abroad. But if you are a backpacker and flying for you is just like going shopping, those promotions can be right up your alley.

Gift cards

To increase sales, some airlines also offer gift cards which includes a discount for passenger. Collecting gift cards is never a useless action. There are even a secondary market for gift card reseller so that you always have the oppotunity to get a cheaper flight thanks to the gift cards you have collected.

Source: Fox News

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