Tip For Buying Portable Kegerators

In contrast with built-in kegerators, which are directly attached into your countertops, portable kegerators are the most common style which you can bring to party you want. If you’re just not sure where you will place your kegerator or even there is not much space to fit one, then this may be best kegerator to purchase.

portable kegerators

Many freestanding kegerators are on wheels, making them easily moved from one location to another. These freestanding and mobile kegerators can be a great option for the beer lovers who usually move around or own a mobile bar. This type of kegerator can be moved to everywhere, from the garage to the kitchen or the backyard to the basement. However, when purchasing one, you should take notice of its difference. Freestanding units should never be built into your existing counter, as this may cause the compressor to overload, leading to a shortened lifespan of your kegerator.

There are some common brands for portable kegerators in the market:

– EdgeStar Full Size Kegerator with a Stainless Steel Door. It is capable of reaching temperatures in the low 30s, making them the coldest of any kegerators on the market. Another great thing of it is the compressor is so quiet that you can not hear it when it is running. Having the casters makes this kegerator portable and easy to move. The EdgeStar full size kegerator is also an excellent value, combining a designed-to-fit refrigerator with commercial-grade. Moreover, you can purchase this kegerator with only $469.00!

– EdgeStar Full Size Kegerator with Digital Display. Like other models of EdgeStar brand, this model is very easy to assemble with detailed instructions. With a spacious cabinet, precise temperature controls, and high quality, US-manufactured dispensing components, you’ll be serving up cold, fresh draft beer whenever you please. This is the best kegerator in freestanding category and this is the only unit you can have which is available at a great price point of $649.00.

– Commercial Dual Faucet Beer Kegerator Towel Bar Handle – Stainless Door. With this type of kegerator, you can pour twice the beer in the same amount of time. A digital thermostat lets you easily adjust the temperature to suit your needs. You can also monitor temperature via the external readout displaying in Fahrenheit or Celsius. This kegerator features a smart function called Deep Chill which can accelerate the cooling process for the first keg of the night. You can have it at $1,449.99.

Now you can choose the right freestanding brand of kegerator for your own home bar. Make it easier to move everywhere and hold party at anytime you want!

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