Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Own A Kegerator

Do you like draft beer and always keep to yourself a dream that one day you can stand at your own mini bar and tap the freshest, most tasty and chilled beers to your own glasses? Then wait no more and spend your money on a kegerator.

In case you have no idea what on earth a kegerator is, let me explain it in short. Kegerator is a combined word between “keg” and “refrigerator”, indicating that it is a specifically designed refrigerator in which you can store your beer kegs to keep them in good conditions.

The market is witness a growing popularity of this device and for good reasons. A kegerator’s ultimate mission is to keep your favourite beers fresh, tasty and at proper temperatures so that they last longer. But besides that, there are other things that draw people’s attention to this small machine and convince them to spend their money. In this article, I will list out top five reasons I think that drive people to invest in the best kegerator their budget can afford.

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1) Save Money

While buying a kegerator may seem like a frivolous investment, the fact is that it is not. Regardless of what your favourite drink is, buying beer kegs – much similar to buying anything in bulk – is, without a shadow of doubt, extremely cost-effective. Depending on the frequency and the quantity of you drinking manner, you’ll pay back for your kegerator in savings within a few years. In addition, a significant amount of money will be saved when you don’t have to go to the local bar and spend not only on a glass beer but much more other things, including side dishes, service fee, tips, etc.

2) Stay Home

Sure, sometimes you really want to go to a local bar or pub and get socialised, but most of the time, it’s just something you do because there’s pretty much nothing else going on. Have your friends come over to your place, show off your new beautiful kegerator, and enjoy draft beer from home together. Choose the music, skip the lines, and enjoy saving some serious cash.

3) It’s The Ultimate Home Bar/Man-cave Enhancement

If you’re lucky enough to have a home bar or your own man-cave, a kegerator is an absolute enhancement. It’ll change your space from good to great.

4) Your favourite beer stay fresher for a longer period of time

A kegerator keeps your beer chilled and fresh and delicious, as well as tapped with a perfect head for up to three months.

5) Draft Beer on Demand

This is manifestly self-explanatory. Of course, growlers are great for test-tasting different beers and enjoying a small quantity of draught at home, but having the good stuff on demand at all times? You can’t defeat that.

If you’re still not persuaded and the initial amount is holding you back, try a conversion kit, roll up the sleeves and get your hands dirty to build yourself a kegerator. It’s a cheaper option that also allows for a little more creativity during customisation.

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