Troubleshooting FAQs For Beer Dispensers

You just bought yourself a kegerator? Congratulations! Let’s dive into tasty, foamy head, fresh and chilled draft beer glasses that will bring you to heaven right at your own home.

However, after a while using the beer dispensing machine, there will be probably something wrong – or else, it must prove that you’ve made an excellent purchase and win the best kegerator in town! This article will go in detail about some common trouble and how to troubleshoot those!

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Q: What are the causes of foamy beer?

A: You will know that you have wild beer when the dispensed beer is all foam, or when there is too much foam and not enough liquid beer is present. It can be caused by the reasons below:

  • The beer dispenser’s interior temperature was set improperly
  • Beer was tapped improperly
  • The regulator creeps
  • The CO2 pressure is too high
  • Hot spots exist in the beer lines
  • Non-insulated beer lines are in use
  • Beer lines are too long, causing difficulties for proper cooling
  • You probably have tapped into a warm keg
  • Cooler malfunctions, failing to keep the item cool
  • Kinks, dents, twists, or other obstructions clog up the beer line
  • Faucets are in bad, dirty, or worn condition

Q: What are the causes of cloudy beer?

A: Cloudy beer is beer that appears hazy instead of clear. The following are potential causes for such a waste:

  • Beer temperature was too low, causing frozen or nearly frozen condition
  • Beers are old
  • Your kegs have been unrefrigerated for long periods of time before you put them into the kegerator
  • Dirty glassware
  • Dirty or kinky faucets
  • Unrefrigerated foods are stored on top of cold kegs
  • Contaminated air source

Q: What are the causes of flat beer?

A: Flat beer is when the foamy head goes away quickly and the beer doesn’t have the usual zestful brewery fresh flavor. You should look into the following possible causes:

  • Your glasses were dirty
  • The regulator is sluggish
  • Applied pressure was set too low
  • CO2 tank is turned off at night
  • The air source is contaminated (associated with compressed air)
  • The moisture in the air system is higher than usual
  • Beer is stored at too low temperatures
  • Taps are loose or connections are vent

Q: What causes a false head?

A: A false head looks like large soap-like bubbles, and disappears very quickly. It can possibly happen when:

  • The pressure required does not correspond to beer temperature
  • Small beer lines flow into a large faucet shank
  • Beer lines are at warmer temperature than beer kegs
  • Dry glassware
  • Improper dispensing

Q: What are the reasons for unpalatable beer?

A: You have unpalatable beer when the dispensed beer has an off-taste. Common off-flavors include:

  • Diacetyl (buttery, butterscotch, caramel, buttered popcorn, milky or slick mouthfeel)
  • Lactic Acid (acidic, sour, sour milk aftertaste)
  • Acetic Acid (sour, vinegar taste)

These can be brought about by the following reasons:

  • Dirty or old beer lines
  • Dirty faucets
  • Unfiltered air source
  • Unsanitary bar conditions

Q: What causes oxidation?

A: Oxidation is a phenomenon that happens when beer is exposed to oxygen molecules, leading to a stale, cardboard-like taste in your mouth. Unluckily, it cannot be reserved once oxidation in beer occurs. It can be caused by the following:

  • Beer passes its expiration date
  • The package or the storage lacks an airtight seal
  • Beer is exposed to warm temperatures
  • Pouring beer using an air compressor
  • Porous beer tubing material

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