Why Should You Use A Golf Rangefinder?

In case you haven’t known, a golf rangefinder is a small machine that looks like a camera which helps you to calculate the distance from yourself to a spot so that you could choose the right club and apply the right force to your force. If you are new to golfing, a rangefinder is something that you should have if you want to improve your ability to read the terrain. To professional players, golf rangefinders are means of improving the quality and the speed of the game since it would save them a lot of time from reading the field.

Here are the reasons why you should own a rangefinder


1.    You know the actual distance to your target

Obviously, knowing the distance to your target helps you a lot whether you are an amateur or a professional. By having the correct distance, you will be able to select the club to go with that situation. For instance, knowing if you should choose a 5 Iron or a 6 iron can make a huge difference to the outcome of your game. Reading the field is somewhat similar to the butterfly effect. One shot can change whether you are winning or losing the whole. And the success of a shot lies beyond the preparation stage – the reading stage.

2.    Know more than just the distance

Golfing is an open world and there are many factors that can affect your shot other than the distance to your target. Many rangefinders can also measure the direction and the speed of the wind. Some can measure the steepness of the hill and the height of the grass. All of that information will not only help you with your shot, it gives you a better sense of your surrounding so that in the future, you would still be able to acquire that information without the help of your rangefinder. The best golf rangefinders are those able to tell you more than just the distance.

Therefore, you can see your golf rangefinder as not only your equipment but your teacher.

3.    It tells you exactly how far you have hit

People always have difficulty telling how far they have hit the ball and is that distance worth the force they have put into the shot. Well, your range finder can help you to answer that question. Just by simply point the rangefinder at your ball after you have made your shot and press the button, it would tell you how far you have delivered your ball. Having the information of how far you have delivered the ball is one good way to keep track of your record. You would know if you have played better than the last time by checking your record. In addition, it is easy for you to detect the mistakes you have made by looking at the records. If the distance is much shorter than it supposed to be, then you would know that you have done something wrong. Knowing how far you have hit is also a good way to prevent you from setting unrealistic standards for your shot.

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