A Vietnam Cuisine Tour

Anna is an interesting blogger who keep the passion of immersing in the local food in differenct countries in the world. For her, Vietnamese cuisine is attractive by it simple but tasty characteristics. Last spring, on a journey to Vietnam, this girl had a Cuisine tour in the north, which brings her many fascinating experiences that she will share with us below.

Vietnam Cuisine

1. Food in Vietnamese village

Anna cuisine tour started in the Red River Delta, in a market called Van Giang, which is rarely visited by foreign tourists. She stoped at a vendor of fresh sea food and vegetables. The first food she try here is noodle dish, served by a lady right on the street.

After noodle, Anna had a drink. But it’s a drink made from snake and black birds! A man who is the host of a 300-year-old house poured her tea, and his collection of bizarre liqueurs. Anna said that those are the most weird kinds of drink she have had in life.

2. Food in Ha Long Bay

At an outdoor market in Ha Long Bay, she enjoyed the fresh sea food here. These kinds of food are straigh from Ha Long’s water, which make Anna feel very excited. Moreover, the girl had the chance to watch “boat people”, who work and live in floating homes in Ha Long. She saw and understood the way those people replenish their supplies. “It is difficult to get used to!” – she said. “I could not imagine how my life will be if I’m on a boat all of the time. However, this is a memorable experience of me.”

3. Ha Noi

Ha Noi is the place a food lover like Anna could not miss. The Ancient Town here has everything for an eating day: noodle (pho), banh mi, coconut milk, ice-cream. The street food in Ha Noi is not only tasty but inexpensive. Then she understood why it is said that people can have a meal in this city with just less than one dollar.

4. What did she think that the end of the trip?

“This trip is an authentic one” – she said. “I taste myself almost all the street food I see on the road. I met the vendors and the locals. I saw them make the food and had friendly greeting with them. This trip is not for tasting but also for seeing and understanding. I really want that one day, I will come back to the city and take part in the cooking here. I love it!”

Source: NY Times

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