Why Shouldn’t You Use A Golf Rangefinder?

Best golf rangefinder is a great tool that helps you to know the distance to your target. More than just that, it tells you how far you have delivered your ball and helps you to keep track of your records. Some models would also give you, even more, information (the speed and direction of the wind, the steepness of the ground or how high should you hit your ball). Because rangefinders are artificial intelligence and they can somewhat ruin your skills, there are a few reasons not to have a golf rangefinder


It can slow down your game

Most of the times, having a rangefinder can speed up the pace of the game a lot because people are able to save a lot of time from reading the field. However, that happens when you are already a professional and just want to make your shots quickly. If you are using your rangefinder as an extra step to check if your own measurement of the distance was correct, then it would take a lot of time if you do these steps back to back. If you are playing on your own and just want to practice than using a rangefinder is fine. But if there are people waiting for you, then what you should do is to play with your bare skills.

You have to carry it around

Although most of the rangefinders are light in weight and are easy to be carried around. You still have to save some space in your bag club for your rangefinder. It can be annoying to keep putting it back in and taking it out all the time (once before making the shot and one right after the shot to check your result). When you play golf, there are already enough things for you to carry around and you just want to free as much space as possible. Not to mention these electronic devices can get nasty when there is a rain coming down. You would need to find a place where water can’t penetrate to store your rangefinder. It means that you would need to spend extra on some kind of plastic bag or a golf cart.

It can make you play worse

Your golf rangefinder is supposed to assist you in your game and develop your sense of the field. However, if you are lazy and don’t want to try reading the field on your own, you will be completely reliant on your rangefinder to the point that you can’t play your game without it. Not even the best golf rangefinder can help you if you can’t do the work on your own.Terrain-reading skills are very important when you play golf and you should always be able to do that on your own. You can use your rangefinder to check your answer afterward but just make sure that you don’t rely on it all the time.

Sign of disrespect to the other player

If you are planning to use your rangefinder when playing golf with your friends, make sure that both parties agree to do so. Or, you might just piss off the other player because it is not fair for them.

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